Press Conference
Press Conference


This years VIETWATER and Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Vietnam   will be the largest gathering so far. We have 480 participating companies from 38 countries AND 14 International Pavilions (including Australia, Belgium, China, EU, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and UK) showcasing the latest, products, solutions, technologies and innovations in the water and energy industries.

Apart from all these technologies on show, there will be many seminar sessions on water, renewable energy and energy efficiency where local and international experts share the latest solutions and best practice allowing all to exchange ideas and network.

Also, the profound international conferences with the theme “Toward sustainable water development – international experience” for VIETWATER and “Towards developing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects in Vietnam” for RE & EE Vietnam will provide more insights into Vietnam’s water and energy market, new policies, and sharing of experience on the some of the projects that are already launched here. 

Apart from individual professionals we also welcome one group of over 100 delegates from Australia and one group of 40 delegates from Cambodia. All together we will have some 14,000 professionals attending the two events.

UBM is working in partnership with the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA), the Australian Water Association (AWA) and the SkyJuice Foundation to deliver a safe drinking water project in a rural Communes of Khanh Phu and Lien Sang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. The project introduces advanced, low cost and easy to operate membrane filtration systems to two rural schools providing 20,000L per day of safe drinking water to the children and staff at the schools. The project involves training of local representatives from the Khanh Hoa Provincial Water Supply Authority and operators of the systems and is delivered in partnership with the Khanh Hoa Peoples Committee to ensure the long term sustainability of the treatment systems.

With all these activities, we do hope to contribute to Vietnam’s water and energy development.