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MYANMAR WATER PORTAL is an online communication platform developed by THE WATER AGENCY. It is an online gateway for local and international professionals to read the latest news about the Myanmar water sector, access reports and studies, develop business opportunities and get updates on programs and projects. Myanmar Water Portal is accessible 24/7, supporting desktop and mobile devices. We have members from all around the world: representatives from government agencies, private companies, universities, research. Starting from 2017, the Myanmar Water Portal has been developed step by step, reaching more international and Myanmar water professionals every month. Currently its coverage has been reached out through 9,500 unique visitors per month.


Asian Water is published by SHP Media Sdn Bhd, a veteran in the publishing industry in Asia. Now more than ever, Asian Water has committed itself to excellence. Asian Water enables you to reach an audience of more than 7,000 industry professionals throughout Asia who read the new product announcements, company news, feature articles and case studies. After 29 years in publication, Asian Water has garnered an excellent reputation for high quality editorial content that is well regarded by industry professionals. Asian Water continues to be an unbeatable source of the very information that Asia's water professionals are keen to read about. Regional news, country focuses, technology updates, product information, case studies, market trends and coverage of exhibitions and conferences.


The Press Office of Ministry of Planning & Investment with 5 publications: Vietnam Investment Review, Time Out, Dau Tu, Dau Tu Chung Khoan, Dau Tu Bat Dong San and 4 Online Newspapers: www.vir.com.vn ; www.baodautu.vnwww.tinnhanhchungkhoan.vnwww.timeoutvietnam.vn specializes in economics, investment, finance, banking, real estate activities with truthful information, updating the macro-economic policies, investment environment – the business activities of enterprises – business, travel information, media and technology solutions.

The Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA) was established on 7/6/1988. It is a voluntary social - occupational organization of bodies and individuals engaged in the management, consultancy, scientific research, training, construction, exploitation and operation, manufacturing and trading of materials and equipment of the water supply and sewerage sector. Its objectives are to gather and unite water members, support each other to operate effectively, contribute to the development of the water sector, improve the quality of life for social – economic development of the country. Currently, VWSA has more than 300 collective members and individuals nationwide, represents nearly 70.000 staffs, officials, workers, scientists, and managers working in the water supply, sewerage and sanitation sector. The VWSA is a member of the International Water Association (IWA).