Exhibitors Testimonials
Exhibitors Testimonials


    “To organise an international exhibition with participating countries across the regions and the world creates a business environment that allows companies, organisations and individuals to share their experiences, introduce technologies and transform corporate investments. The ministry of construction is highly interested in the effectiveness and necessity of VIETWATER and RE & EE Vietnam exhibition.”

H.E. Mrs. Phan Thi My Linh
Vice Minister, Ministry of Construction
     "In the urban investment projects such as functional residental areas and other constructions and classifying or upgrading the urban class, we always consider the ability to meet the citizen’s demand on water supply and sewerage is the most important factor in urban classification standards. VIETWATER is a place for our members to find the latest innovation and solutions in water supply, sanitation, wastewater treatment and sewerage sectors."

Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van 
Director General, Urban Development Agency, Mistry of Construction
       “Vietnam's water industry actually will benefit a lot from this exhibition, especially for the financial side. You can see many models from different parts of the world. Some similar to Vietnam, so you can adopt and change accordingly; to see which model fits in. The problems faced by other countries shared in the sessions can be of help to Vietnam’s water industry.”

YBhg. Datuk Ir. Abdul Kadir Mohd Din
President, The Malaysian Water Association
    “I came to Vietwater because Vietnam is a fast and growing market, we would like to understand the market a little bit more and find local partners. It is our second year at Vietwater and we hope we can form a partnership this year. Vietwater for us has been very productive and very helpful.”
Ali Reza Zareh 
Director, Excel Pipes
      “This year we brought to Viettwater water treatment technologies and purification solutions from Japan, Israel, USA and Canada. I see this exhibition showcased a completely full of products and a lot of exhibitors from different countries and regions. It can be said that the exhibition is successful, profound and definitely concluded with big success!”
Vo Duy Quy
Vice General Director, Vucico Vietnam