Asia Water & Wastewater Industry Shows Lead To Progress And Prosperity

The Vietwater Expo & Forum has been designed to provide sustainable water solutions not only for the 90 million plus citizens of Vietnam, but for all environmentally concerned people in our region. Since it opened in 2008, the Vietwater Expo & Forum has risen to become the region's leading water industry event. Today it, is counted upon by industry players including regulators, developers, consultants, architects, contractors and others in order to meet their demands and help future generations.

Vietnam is not alone in suffering water shortages. Currently we face critical water loss in that as much as 29% of clean water is consumed in the urbanization process. Unfortunely this has increased the scarcity of this precious commodity for the entire Asean region.

Vietwater Expo's mission is to provide every opportunity for government and business to address this problem.

Hosted by the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association ( VWSA ), Vietwater is a comprehensive event that will showcase a wide range of services, technologies, systems, purification processes and equipment for the Integrated Water & Wastewater Industry. This will include :

Water Resource Management

Municipality Water Management

Sewerage and Pollution Prevention


Wastewater Treatment & Management

Industrial Water Treatment

Ultra Pure Water
Bottled Water Production
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Asia Water & Wastewater Industry Shows Lead To Progress And Prosperity

Water is the most fundamental element of life. Without it human would not have evolved. Yet, billions are forced to use polluted sources or live with a severe shortage of this basic commodity. The result has been emerging crisis that is one of the most important challenges human face today. Unless these water problems are solved, the related issues concerning of health, food safety, climate change, education, economic growth and international conflict will continue persist.

The globally renowed Asia Water & Wastewater Industry Show series, has been specially designed to address these problems. By welcoming all industry professionals from five continents, the combined events of the exhibition provide an unique venue that facilitates the exchange of ideas, information, technology and effective management procedure. Asia Water shows are held across Asean countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Today they are recognised as Asia's No.1 Water & Wastewater Industry Events and are known by following names : Water Philippine Expo - International Water & Wastewater Industry Event, Thai Water - A Dedicated event for Water & Wastewater Technology in Thailand and Vietwater - Vietnam's No.1 Water & Wastewater Industry Show. The Asia Water & Wastewater Industry Show series continues to get bigger and better each year and every event has proven to be an unique marketing platform for industry players.

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